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01-Basic operations

  1. Entering Data in a Cell

  2. Inserting a row

  3. Moving from different cell

  4. Control + X = CUT

  5. Control + V = Paste

  6. Moving a cell 

02-Alignment, Font


  • Default alignment for Text and Numeric Values

  • Manually adjusting the alignment of a text or numeric

  • Changing the font

  • Adding frequently used item to Quick Access Toolbar

  • Calling the added tool with Alt Ket shortcut

  • Changing the color of a text

  • Changing the color of a cell

  • Increase or decrease the size of a text

  • Control + F1 = Enable or Disable the Ribbon

03-Workbook Interface

  • QAT - Quick Access Toolbar - Helps you to add frequently used tools

  • Ribbon - Introduced from Office 2007 onwards, All the tools under different menu are visible here

  • Workbook - Rows and Columns for entering data, Main area where we work on Excel

  • Formula bar - To see and enter the formulas

  • Status Bar - helps you to see the statical data of your work

04-Quick Access Toolbar

Used for adding frequently used tools

  • Add or remove favorite tools from ribbon

  • Customize QAT

  • You can use Keyboard short cuts for QAT tools - Alt + Assigned number



Most of the tools are listed in Ribbon


  • Main Menus are subdivided 

  • Each submenu is grouped in excel

  • Menus can be minimized by double clicking on Main menu item 

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