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Video Control Board

Final Cut Pro X



Its is good to set the appropriate view of your sound clips and FCP before you start editing. You can do that by following methods

  • Create a snapshot by Shift + Command + D

  • Control + Command + 1 to hide the browser

  • Command + 4 to hide the inspector window

  • Enable audio meter by Shift + Command + 8 or by selecting it from below the viewer

  • Control + Option + 1 to set to waveform only

  • Adjust the wave form size = Control + Option + Up/Down keys

  • Clip Hight in timeline = Shift + Command + Plus/Minus keys

You can save the above workspace Window>Workspaces>Save workspace as...

You can find the original clip in browser by Shift + F on any clip in timeline, in any case if you want to import it again. You can press Option + R to get the original wave from from the original media.


  • To select a clip press C

  • To playback a clip press /

  • Break a clip by Command + B and use up and down arrow key to move the play head to different edit points.

  • Use and I and O for a clip selection while playing

  • Control + Z to undo


Playback levels are shown in three colors - Green, Yellow, and red. Red indicate the peak levels.

Always keep it in green levels so that you avoid clipping

Reference wave forms (If not showing set the same in references) shows the maximum visual resolution of your wave form

You can see the average volume levels from audio meter or by keeping your pointer on the volume bar on any clip.

You can adjust the volume change from inspector or directly from the timeline by adjusting the vertical bar (volume bar)

Press Control + Option + L and enter the db value and press enter (Applies to single o multiple clips)

You can select any range in a clip (press R) and increase or decrease the volume with the help of above methods

Use Control + Plus/Minus key will increase or decrease the volume level by 1dB



Use [ key to select the edit point of a clip

Use . or , to move your frames.

You can expand the wave form from any clip by Control + S, or you can double click on the wave form itself.

If you want to move or copy a clip, you can detach it by right clicking on specific area and select detach audio.

To review a clip after editing you can press on Shift + ? to hear it again

To review a clip after editing you can press on Shift + ? to hear it again

Audio meter



Best Practice

Keep the audio levels at -12 dBFS (decibel full scale) for a 16 bit audio

Keep the audio levels at -18 dBFS for 24 bit audio.

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